Comfort Stations (Restroom Trailers)

Our Comfort Stations are perfectly equipped to service any special events or events with large groups. Each station provides separate restrooms for men and women, multiple stalls for each restroom, hot running water, interior lighting, air conditioning, and more. A cost-effective choice for when an event calls for the comfort of VIP Restrooms on a larger scale. See below for more details on each type of Comfort Station we offer.

Note: Two 110V power sources as well as a 40 PSI water supply, both within close proximity, are required for each type of Comfort Station trailer.

Standard Comfort Station on Skids

Our Standard Comfort Station is spacious and accommodating, offering separate restroom areas for men and women. The men’s restroom area includes 1 toilet stall, 3 urinal stalls with privacy dividers, and 1 sink. The women’s restroom area is equipped with 3 toilet stalls and 2 sinks. Interior lighting ensures safe use at any hour. Between running hot water, heat/air conditioning, and a stereo system, these Comfort Stations provide all the comforts of a full-fledged restroom, making them ideal for both short and long-term rentals.

Standard Comfort Station on Skids (ADA Compliant)

In addition to the men’s and women’s restrooms described in the Standard Comfort Station section, our ADA-compliant Comfort Station includes a third restroom area with one toilet stall, an access ramp for easy access, and two stainless-steel hand rails for additional stability. This spacious room is suitable for accompanying caregivers, parents with their children, or any other circumstances where additional room is necessary. In order to further accommodate the needs of occupants, some Comfort Stations come equipped with a diaper-changing station.

Presidential Comfort Station

When you need to pull out all the stops for your event, look no further than the Presidential Comfort Station. Guests are welcomed by an upscale interior outfitted with crown moldings, marble counter tops, and hard wood floors. Expanding on the Standard model, this Comfort Station includes a men’s restroom with 2 toilet stalls, 3 urinal stalls with privacy dividers, and two sinks with running hot water. The women’s restroom comprises 6 toilet stalls and four sinks with running hot water. Both restrooms contain mirrors, air conditioning, heating, lighting, and a stereo system.

Available for short and long term rentals, the Presidential Comfort Station is perfect for private parties, weddings, black tie events, movie sets, golf courses, and any other scenario for which elegant restroom facilities are preferable.

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